Manufacturer of
Poly Films and Bags

A reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality bags and films for commercial and industrial use.

Manufacturer of Quality, Custom Poly Films and Bags

Plastic bags, rolls, films and sheeting made your way.

Small plastic pellets (called resin) are first melted down under controlled conditions, until they become molten and pliable.
Rolls of plastic tubing or sheeting are first fed through a machine that draws the material out to the proper length.
Recyclable products can be consumed by microorganisms, breaking down to CO2, water and biomass.
Blown Films and Poly Bag Manufacturer located in Midwest. Custom packaging solutions that protect your products.

Plastic bags, rolls, films and sheeting made your way.

Manufacturer of Quality

Welcome to Starrmax Packaging, we are a custom poly bag manufacturer in the US. We produce plastic films and bags using a variety of materials to fit your needs. Let us know your project requirements and will we provide packaging materials that are designed specifically for you. We extrude our own poly film and bags providing the lowest prices for high quality products.

We provide only the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.


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