BioMax Stock Liners

Maximizing the Potential of Plastic

At Starrmax Packaging, we are proud to introduce our range of bio-degradable stock liners, designed to provide an exceptional level of protection for your products and surfaces. Our stock liners offer a versatile solution suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. With a core focus on environmental responsibility, these liners not only safeguard against dust, dirt, moisture, and other potential hazards, but they also contribute to a more sustainable future.


24 x 321 milNatural, Black
40 x 461, 1.5, 2 milNatural, Green, Black
38 x 581, 1.5, 2 milNatural, Green, Black

Benefits of BioMax Technology

Our BioMax Stock Liners incorporate cutting-edge bio-assimilation technology, marking a monumental shift in plastic degradation. This transformative process ensures that plastic degrades into a molecular weight digestible by living organisms. This ultimate stage of plastic biodegradation ensures a clean break-down, leaving no microplastics behind – an impactful stride towards sustainable packaging.

Why Choose Starrmax Packaging for Your BioMax Stock Liners?

At Starrmax Packaging, we stand apart as leaders in sustainable packaging solutions. Our BioMax Stock Liners, fortified with innovative bio-assimilation technology, are a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. By choosing Starrmax, you opt for not just superior protection and performance, but also a partnership in advancing a greener tomorrow. With our cutting-edge solutions, personalized service, and dedication to reducing plastic waste, we are your trusted ally in creating a more sustainable packaging future.